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Luchador Series

As a boy growing up in the 80’s I am a product of the stereotypical ideals of masculinity and have always felt the push and pull between the desire to be strong and the fact that I am basically scared shitless. Stigma is attached to vulnerability so there is pressure to put up a facade. The combination of big violent marks with areas of sensitive rendering in the Luchador's series epitomise this internal battle. Even though paint treatment is similar across the pieces, I am interested to see what effect the gender of the model has on the viewer. 

Flawless victory
Luchador #20
Lucha study #36
Luchadore #9
Lucha study #37
Lucha study 25
Lucha study 18
Luchadore #8
Lucha study #14
Luchador 7
Luchadore #5
She never
always pack more than you think you'll n
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