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Lambert Graduated with a degree in Illustration in 2003 and has been working as a full time artist since 2010. His work has gathered a significant following in recent years and his 2017 solo exhibition was a near sell out. Matt's work is collected internationally, and in 2016 the Telegraph named him as one of their ‘British Artists To Invest In’. As a co-founder of the Pass It On Africa (PIOA) charity along with best friend James Macdonald, he is also one of the organisers of Brighton’s annual Heroes Run – an superhero themed family fun run along the seafront that has been running since 2005. As well as being PIOA's principle fundraiser the event has helped raise thousands for 20 other charities over the years. The Heroes Run event was the starting point for Matt's work on masks and exploration into identity.

Lambert’s efforts with PIOA have helped fund 5 school building projects in Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia and Uganda respectively. This experience has massively influenced his artworks, inspiring him to ask open ended questions about the human condition.


"The privilege of witnessing first hand both the day-to-day concerns of the developing world and my own culture has been surprising. Excess and greed is present in both extremes but so is hope and kindness. The cultural disparities are huge but at the same time there are behavioural universals that transcend culture and this is what drives my ideas."


Visual art is a dialogue – a conversation started by the artist, and, with the most successful works of art, continued by the viewer. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the work of Matt Lambert. Across each of the different bodies of work is a continuing theme that explores the artist’s response to human emotions and behaviours. However, it is Matt’s honesty and openness about his own difficulties with anxiety that gives his work its power and its ability to communicate so effectively with his audience. Added to this is his accumulated and consummate skill in the depiction of his subjects. This is detailed and nuanced, subtly conveying character and personality and the differing responses each has to their situations. As a gallery we are always looking for the elusive combination of concept, skill, authenticity and quality – it is gratifying to find all of those elements in one artist and we are therefore delighted to present this exhibition of work by Matt Lambert in his largest solo show to date.”


Karina Phillips, Director, Gallery Different

Exhibition History

Kiss | Group Exhibition

Gallery Different, London - February 2022

|S P A C E|  / Solo Exhibition

Gallery Different, London - September 2021

Kiss | Group Exhibition

Gallery Different, London - February 2019

Paris Contemporary Art Fair  

Catawiki - October 2018

VIEW | Solo Exhibition 

Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton - August 2018

Kiss | Group Exhibition

Gallery Different, London - February 2018

KIND | Solo Exhibition 

Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton - October 2017

Art of Treason | Group Exhibition

Art of Treason Gallery, Brighton - September 2016

Catawiki London Contemporary Art | Group Exhibition

Cob Gallery , London - January 2016

Face | Group Exhibition

Gallery Different, London - June 2016

Cut It Out | Solo Exhibition

Studio 106, Brighton - June 2016

London Art Fair

Jealous Gallery - January 2014

Moniker Art Fair

Jealous Gallery - October 2013

Battersea Affordable Art Fair

Jealous Gallery - October 2013

Artists United | Group Exhibition

The Foundry Gallery, Lewes - July 2013

Hampstead Affordable Art Fair

Barker Gallery - November 2012

Brighton Art Fair

Olivia Connely agency- September 2012

Mind the Gap | Group Show

Soeul, Korea - May 2012

Capture | Solo Exhibition

No Walls Gallery, Brighton – November 2011

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