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Origin Stories

Many of us feel compelled to hide aspects of ourselves. It is not that we have intentions to deceive, it is simply human nature. It’s how we have learned to interact in our social groups. Some masks are attitudes, some are literal costumes. Not all are bad for us but I think the further removed the veil is from our core the more trouble we tend to find ourselves in. We learn mask adoption early in life and my Origin Stories series signify our first steps into our alter ego existence.

Stand off
On who's authority?
Sit still
Face down (study)
Smoking barrel
Liberty framed
Big boy framed
The calm before the norm
Dark night of the soul
Wait for the signal
Best laid plans
Dress rehearsal
With great power
Third act
Don't be so sure that the monster is
Honours even
Double dare
Reluctant hero 2
Reluctant hero
Will you just
Young, free and single
Leap of reason
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