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Buy Now Pay Later Collectables

“I love the idea of using the visual language of carded action figures as a medium to express my ideas as they really lends themselves to several aspects of my work. 

"The mighty action figure" was always my favourite kind of toy. They were the embodiment of the heroic archetype; strong, just, smart and unwavering in their commitment to truth and justice. They were fully baked heroes. In contrast The “Origin Stories” series capture that disconnect between the appearance of heroism (their costume) and the untested kid beneath, at the beginning of their own heroes journey. They are yet to tackle and overcome the external / internal struggles that such a quest requires. This Incongruence is starker when presenting them as fully realised action figures themselves which is what I fell makes these pieces effective.


In the Scared Shitless works I am playing with some of the most recurrent thinking errors I fall prey to myself. This is not to trivialise mental health but rather encapsulate how warped and insidious our thoughts can be, widening the space between our perception and reality. 

ORIGIN STORIES Don't be so sure that the monster isn't you
Origin stories - Contender
Origin stories - Precipise
Origin stories - calm before the norm
Origin stories - Warpath
SCARED SHTLESS Overestinging threat
SCARED SHTLESS - Resisting compulsion
This way up
A ton of likes_s
Better safe than sorry
Buy Now Pay Later - Self portrait, 42 - 1_25_s
A little intrusive #5_s
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